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Reading at fountain

Reading is the most fundamental skill for children at Fountain. We not only, teach all children to read, but also to develop a love of reading and a wealth of experience. 

All lessons incorporate reading; from high quality novels inspiring writing to gaining scientific knowledge from non-fiction research texts.

We map out all of the novels and texts we use within lessons from nursery to year 6; thus, giving Fountain children a breadth and wealth of reading knowledge. Fountain children gain knowledge and skills from traditional tales, classic literature, stories from other cultures, and stories that promote mental health and well-being. We include texts, which promote diversity in the present day and in the past, in addition to texts with high quality illustrations and texts that promote a wide vocabulary.




At Fountain children are taught to read through a consistent and systematic approach to phonics using the core scheme of Bug Club.

Phonics is a daily lesson in each class from Nursery through to year 2 following the structure: review and revisit, teach, practice and apply. 

Reading Lessons

We teach children to read with understanding and comprehension through the use of our key skills, VIPERS: Vocabulary, Inference, prediction, explanation, retrieval, sequence/summarise. In Nursery and Reception reading is taught through group reading. The rest of school are taught through whole class reading.

The VIPERS skills are balanced with each lesson focusing on a key skill. Lessons include quick recall and quick reading; systems we have developed which promote retention of knowledge and reading stamina.

Individual Reading

Every child from Reception to year 6 has an individual reading book to take home. Children read from the big cat reading scheme until they progress to beyond scheme books. In reception to year 2 children have a book matched to their phonic ability from the phonics bug scheme in addition to their big cat books.