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Assessment at Fountain Primary


Assessing children’s progress and understanding is an integral part of teaching and learning at Fountain Primary.  Teachers assess pupils throughout lessons using satellite marking and verbal feedback as effective tools to promote progress.  Our teaching and learning processes allow teachers to accurately assess and therefore plan lessons to ensure children make progress.


Teacher assessments form the basis of our judgements.  We assess children against their year group objectives.  They are given one of the following that denotes where children will be at the end of the academic year:

B- below their year group standard (at this point B-Squared will also be completed,  they will be added to the SEND register by the SENCO).

W- working towards the standard in their year group

A-at the expected standard for their year group

G-greater depth of the expected standard in their year group.


These assessments are recorded on our data system O-Track.  Staff complete and moderate these assessments at 5 key points throughout the school year.  Formal assessments, in the form of testing (year 1-year 6) are used to support these judgements and are used to complete Question Level Analysis, which supports teachers planning.


In Early Years assessment is completed against Development Matters and Early Years outcomes.  Observations and children’s work form the evidence base and this is moderated during Pupil Progress sessions.  Evidence is recorded on Tapestry and data is recorded on O-Track.


Pupil progress meetings are held five times per year, after moderation and testing have taken place.  These meetings are used to discuss each pupil with leadership team, the SENDCo and the class teacher.  We discuss next steps for pupils and support teachers with ideas to support progress.


The assessment data is shared at parents evenings bi-annually and is shared in each pupil’s end of year report.  Should you wish to discuss your child’s progress,  please call school and arrange to speak to their class teacher in the first instance.