Fountain Primary School

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Fountain Street, Morley, West Yorkshire, LS27 0AW

0113 8878235

Pastoral team

Key Staff

Pastoral Lead: Mrs C Ramsden

Pastoral Support: Miss N Brookes and Miss K Williams

Pastoral team- how we can help

Our Pastoral Team work hard to ensure our children and families can access support for their emotional wellbeing. We work with families to overcome any challenges to children being happy, safe and learning to their full potential.

If you have any challenges and would like support, we can offer a problem-solving chat with one of our team, signposting to further support and referral for help if you feel this is needed. Call school on 0113 8878235 and ask to speak to us, or email, marking your email FAO Pastoral Team.

We encourage our families to talk to us about any challenges they might be facing, and pride ourselves on our non-judgemental, inclusive approach.

Additional support and helpful resources

Support for Children

Support and advice for parent and carers around a range of emotional wellbeing and mental health needs, including a referral process for additional support.

Place2Be Parent Information
Support and advice for parents and carers around a range of emotional wellbeing and mental health needs.

Young Carers Leeds
Support for children who are providing a caring role to a parents, sibling or other family member.

Morley Cluster-EYFS/KS1 Wellbeing Workbook Morley Cluster- KS2 Wellbeing Workbook
A tool to use at home to support conversations about emotions, resilience and mental health

Children’s Nutrition Support
Advice, support and signposting for picky-eaters and supporting a balanced diet from birth and beyond.

Support around Bullying
Definitions of bullying, how to address bullying and signposting to further support.

Online education for parents about supporting a range of wellbeing and mental health needs

Support for Parents and Families

NSPCC Behaviour Management Advice
Guidance around managing tantrums, keeping pants private and wider parenting challenges.

Young Minds Guide to Separation and Divorce
Advice and guidance for families managing divorce or separation

Ginger Bread
A charity providing information and signposting for support around separation and single-parent families.

Domestic Violence Support
Support, advice and signposting for victims of domestic violence.

Leeds Adult Mental Wellbeing
Signposting and support access for adult mental health and wellbeing concerns (self-referral available)

CRUSE Bereavement support (adults and children)
Support and advice for parents around loss and bereavement, including a contact line and resources.

Leeds Welfare Support
Access to grants, food parcels and other emergency support

Government Warm Home Scheme
Access to fuel support in winter

Money and Debt Advice
Advice and support signposting for financial challenges from Leeds city council

Forward Leeds
Advice and support for alcohol and drug use

Online Courses
Access to online support for a range of emotional well-being and mental health challenges.

Free Parenting Support Courses
Access to online courses for supporting every-day parenting challenges

Managing Wellbeing course
is an 8- week adult therapeutic course that aims to encourage participants who struggle with stress, anxiety, low mood or trauma symptoms, to explore and learn, new and different ways of managing their mental health and wellbeing.

Leeds Employment Hub
Are you looking for work, an apprenticeship or learning opportunities.


Safeguarding your Child

Is my child ready to be left alone?
A guide to help parents decide when children are ready to become more independent

Online Safety
A comprehensive guide to keeping children safe online, and what to do if you have concerns

Running Away and Missing
Advice for families if children run away, or go missing.

Child Exploitation: Information and Guidance for Parents
If you have concerns about your child, please do come and speak to us in school. This guide will give further support and information.

Leeds Safeguarding Children Partnership – Support for Families
Advice and support on a wide range of concerns from online safety and giving independence, to children running away and accessing social services support.

Interactive support for parents who feel their child is being bullied.