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Behaviour at Fountain

At Fountain we are respectful to each other and our school by following these Golden Rules:


Be kind and polite.

Be honest.

Listen to and follow instructions.

Keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself.

In our classes we have Silver Rules. These are decided with the class teacher and children in the class and are displayed in every classroom at the start of the school year.



When we follow the Golden Rules we can earn postcards home.

We can earn Fountain points for our Fountain Team!  Which team will win this year?

Trafalgar Atlas
Where: Trafalgar square, Central London
Why was it built: As a landmark, two Fountains were built either side of Nelson's column and Nelson's statue.
Built: 1850
Where: Castle Howard, North Yorkshire
Description: A bronze globe on the shoulders of the Greek God Atlas, four Tritons blow water over Atlas
Why was it built: For the great exhibition in 1851 to show the work of great sculptures and water engineers.
Chatsworth Buxton
Built: 1696
Where: Chatsworth House, Derbyshire. Also known as Cascade Fountain.
Description: 24 steps, water flows down and is pumped back up.
Why was it built: To impress the Duke of Devonshire.
Where: Central London
Why was it built: To commemorate the emancipation of slaves by the British Empire in 1834.

Each week our teacher chooses a Star of the Week and each half term we can earn Gold Award.  Our teacher nominates one person and our classmates nominate one person too


Each year our Governors choose someone to receive a special recognition award.



If we break our Golden Rules, we will be asked which Golden Rule we have broken, below are our sanctions.