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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1. We are Rivers class and Waterfalls class.

The year 1 Teachers are: Mrs Donaldson and Miss Baker

Supported by: Ms Barnett.and Mrs Allott


In year one we explore six main topics:


How about you? - We learn about how to keep healthy, how and why we care for each other and how our bodies are different from each other.

Time Detectives -Time detectives go in search of evidence from the past. During this topic we try to find out what caused a huge fire many, many years ago in London. We also look at what it is like in London today.

A Toy’s Story - We are all lucky enough to have toys to play with. We will explore questions such as: Have toys always been like this? What did our parents play with?

Once upon a Time – We will think about: What made the ‘Big bad wolf’ so bad? And Why did Goldilocks invite herself into the bears’ house?

How does your garden grow? – We will find out how the school garden grows. We will have the chance to plant some seeds and see if they grow and create our own model gardens.

Beside the seaside - We will find out what was it like to be beside the seaside in the past and what is it like now.